We are very proud to be able to be the exclusive partner for the international sales of the company Orsós Island GmbH.
Our preference for innovative, technical, modern and unusual products has meant that we make the distribution of these globally unique islands since 12/01/2014.
Interesting are the islands for investors, hotel chains and companies, but also for private persons and individuals.
Please watch the video and the pictures (and more detailed technical information on the manufacturing side of our business partner: www.orsosisland.com) to get a first impression, only to see the many possibilities for themselves.
The advantages - especially at the cost side - against a property or yacht are obvious:
- No costly land and search thereafter
- Pay no property tax.
- No rent or lease.
- No costs for energy as electricity,
     heating, air conditioning.
- No costs for fresh water and sewage.
- No fixed costs, such as on the mainland.
- No or minimal maintenance costs
    compared to an property.
- No port charges as at 60 meters
     long yacht with similar living space.
- No operating costs over a motor yacht.
- No attachment to a place that is one is
     mobile and never be tied to one place,
     but may at any time choose the most
    beautiful place and go there.
- Only a fraction of the cost
     at 1,000 square meters (ORSOS-Island)
     relative to a comparable motor yacht
    with 60 m length in the upper luxury
- Much better layout and use of space than
    in a yacht.
- Same basic applications as a property on
    the mainland.
- Interior and change adapting technology
    at any time after customer request.
- etc., etc.
And remember, everything is possible ashore, may also be in the water principle !
We will gladly send you further information to, and advise you in a detailed personally to discuss your project.
We want to inspire you !
We do the
exclusive international sales for:
Suggestions for possible applications:
  1.  pure investment property,
    commercial or private
  1.  Single Island, private
    (alternative for yacht,
    property, etc.)
  1.  Single-island business
    (hotel, restaurant,
    conference room incl.
    Restaurants and / or
    accommodation, etc.)
  1.  Fair Isle
  1.  Show room (eg for
    automotive presentations,
  1.  Fashion Show (floating
  1.  Island group, private
  1.  Island Group, Commercial
    (several luxury residences
    virtually every single island
    as a holiday home, an
    island with several luxury
    apartments incl.
    Restaurants or separate
    island as a restaurant or
    restaurant different islands,
    separate spa / fitness
    Islands, Adventure
    Islands , children Islands,
    cinema island, island
    Aquarium, etc.)
  1.  Event Islands (possibly in
    combination with hotel
    island or separately)
  1.  Floating disco
  1.  Conference Islands
    (conference center,
    possibly in combination
    with hotel island or
  1.  Shopping Islands (possibly
    in combination with hotel
    island or separately or as a
    shopping center)
  1.  mobile luxury dipping
    station (can be dragged to
    the best diving locations in
    the world and go there at
    anchor, eg for long-time
    diving holidays, incl.
    accommodation and
    restaurant, possibly
    substituted with glass
  1.  Presentation island (for
    product presentations or
    other presentations)
  1.  Casino Island (mobile,
    classic casino restaurant,
    or with different Arcades)